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04-29-2018, 05:32 AM
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So, I learned recently that Sean Nelson and His Mortal Enemies planned on releasing an album in 2005 titled "Misanthropology" (which I don't think is a real word).

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but the track listing goes something like this:

1. The Price Of Doing Business
2. What You Live By
3. Jesus Kids (Gospel)
4. Brooklyn Bridge
5. Creative Differences
6. I'll Be The One
7. The World Owes Me A Living (And I Intend To Collect)
8. Hey, Millicent
9. Anyone/Anything
10. Kicking Me Out Of The Band That I Started

So basically, we've already got the whole experience, but this would be all too convenient. I still think there's more to discover about this obscure "un"released album..

Help, I've run out of obscure references to put as my signature. Sad
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